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Enjoy the Live On-Air Digital Content perspective of  thirty eight years investment market background. 

Since 1979 our director of research, Bill Chippas has mentored traders and motivated audiences.

Bill’s witty comments have been heard by many industry professionals over the radio airwaves.  Let Bill bring that perspective and motivation to your event or presentation. In person or online we can help you charge up your audience !
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Business to Business solutions.

Corporate Investment Research;

Adverse price movement can harm a company in a variety of ways. Hedging strategies are important to corporate and private companies. If a financial market situation arises and your company is not prepared poor results can cascade quickly. Resulting in great harm to your company well – being and bottom line.  Even if the situation seems far removed from current market place conditions. 

FuturesCom designs strategies to capture shifts in global and domestic investment markets to protect Investment Newsletters Digital Content value against undesirable market actions.  We have staff available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on standby to assist you in making thoughtful decisions to preserve capital and market share.   

Investment Publications, Digital Content, Market News and Services

Digital content and Market News for you and your customers.

FuturesCom can send to your customers and your website daily market impacting news from government agencies that impact financial, Energy, Forex and Agricultural markets along with comments.  

Research and trading strategies are readily available for redistribution. Newsletters and investment information can be delivered via email, placed on your website or delivered to your social media department for distribution. 

Franchising of FuturesCom’s publications is available worldwide.

FuturesCom can provide customized versions of newsletters on your letter head. Digital content and research can be made available for re-distribution.   Agricultural Research is one example. Forex Trading is another.


Trade Mentoring Programs

Private Tutoring and Coaching;
We empower investors with the knowledge to price forecast any given market. In addition; Spread, arbitrage, hedging strategies and FuturesCom’s ‘Targeted Technical Trading’ Methods are taught.
By teaching and mentoring advanced technical 24-7 Futures Trading Support analysis studies, risk management techniques and applications of economic analysis we are able to educate subscribers to identify opportunities at the leading edge of market movements.

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