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Morning Investment Comments Cover the Globe The platforms we offer are applicable to all investors.
Novice and experienced investors as well as family office and private family investors. Active position traders, hedge funds, brokers, institutional professionals and day traders find this service easily combined with their own research. FuturesCom has over over 37 years of market background and experience. Experience that Spans Five Decades. Including SP500 Futures since 1982 and global Currency and Forex trading since 1979. FuturesCom’s Daily Investment Analysis, ‘Morning Investment Comments’  also allows traders and investors using ETFs or ETNs to accurately gauge the underlying asset to make sensible investments.

Timely Investment Research; Each day, traders are given specific actionable trade ideas and choices of levels to make buy and sell decisions on a daily basis. Since 1996 our ‘Morning Investment Comments’ has been delivered each day prior to the next day’s market open. Each issue contains highly accurate buy, hold and sell levels. Defined as support and resistance that enables readers to monitor the progress of market action each day. Live actionable trades and recommendations can be delivered in real time during the course of each trading session once a market is open for trading.

The Perfect Fit; Subscribers are kept abreast each day of global investment markets with daily live updates and timely investment research delivered promptly.    


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