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FuturesCom accumulates fundamental and technical investment market information from a global perspective.  Since 1996 FuturesCom Special Reports covering foreign exchange, stock index futures, global economic and geo-political conditions along with crude oil, gold, silver and agricultural commodities such as corn, wheat, soybeans, livestock , coffee, cotton and sugar have been issued when a special situation unfolds.

Review the samples of the reports;
Special Reports after 2011 are included in Bi-Weekly Outlooks, Premier Service, Live Radio broadcasts and publications sent directly to subscribers and are not available on this page.    

Bill’s ‘Food for thought’ Jan 3rd 2011 column

Market Musings 02-06-2010 
Nov 11th Market  Musings Monday April 27 Column from ‘Your News .com’ ‘Its Your Money’  : Now Its Swine Flu !
Spring  Equity  Index and Forex Report
Spring Hog Outlook

The Back End of the Summer of Pain  07-27-2008 

 The Worst of Both WorldsBi-Weekly Investment Outlook  Issue 295   

 June 14  2008 Grain Special Report 03-31-2008

Lean hog Special Report 03-31-2008 Bountiful Pork

Special Report ‘Bountiful Pork Sept 30 , 2007

Pork August 2007

Summer 2007 Pork Outlook March 25th  Pigs Galore


January 20th, 2005 10:50 PM 2005 Winter / Summer Hog Outlook  Update  

Wed  Dec 28th  2005   Hog Update  

Jan 10th 2005 Special Hog Report


Stocks for Period thru November 2004

October 2004 Special Report : Hog Spreads  

September 2004 Special Pork Situation  Possible Pork Situation 

May 24 2004   Another Election Year Trend

Market Musings on Economy 6-27-2004 10:00 PM

Market Musings 8-29-2004  

Special Pig Outlook  

see related comments in BW 196 Special Report Pigs Friday June 25th, 2004 7:00 AM South Florida Beach Time

1-22-2003 9:55 PM  Special Pig Report  

Pigs : Sept 2003 One -Two- Three-  Little Piggy—ok  maybe Four.

 August 2003 -Dollar and Gold

Economic Outlook Mid Year ‘2003’

Economic Outlook ‘2003’ Dollar – Equities- Gold


Economic Outlook, December 15th,2002


December 2001 Dollar Outlook
FuturesCom December 15th, 2001-
“The close Friday was the best for the Canuck in two months, bolstered by technical momentum and cross-buying of Canadian dollars against as the yen.  An abandonment of long US dollar positions was also responsible for the strength. In addition.  Commodity prices were up, which is helpful for currencies such as the Canadian dollar and Swiss Franc.  Will the strength continue?  That is for the mkt to tell us.  But this writer feels the Canadian Dollar has been unjustly punished during the heyday of the dollar and a return to higher levels of the past should not be ruled out.  When I began trading currencies in late 1979 to 1980 the C$ was around 9000.”

Friday , December 28th, 2001Pork Reports Update , Friday December 28th 2001

2001 Outlook  January 25, 2001 12:00 Noon 

9-18-20012:35 AM Food for thought

9-01-2001 Special Hog Report:


Economic Food for Thought:  4-08-2001 Market Musings 4-26-2001 5-14-2001  Market musings 5-30-01 Market Musings

6-07-01  Food for thought Friday July 6, 2001   12:08 PM

2-21-20017:39 AM   Market Musings…Economy

 Soy Beans May 14, 2001

10-30-00 Special Hog Situation

10-14-2000  4:00 PM  All The World is Watching Oil

9-15-00 Special Report: ‘A Reflection What Goes around Comes around 1998-2000  

9-20-2000 Forex Traders ! Read our Special Forex Situation Report

8-20-2000 12:45 PM  Hog Outlook :

July 28-2000 Special Stock Market Report 

Pork Situation 4-16-2000 Bellies Bellies , Who’s got the bellies?


Did your broker or current service Alert you to an impending Jump in Pork Prices  in late March of 1999 Read It Now and see what happened Special Pork ReportThursday ,March 25, 199910:42:15 PM Dec 14 1999 11:05 AM Special Pig Report 


Read our Special Report From  Sept 28 1998 Special Hog Report

We issued a Special Report  on 8-13-98 read it now   What Goes Around Comes Around

Special Forex Situation 7-09-1998 3:56 AM

We issued a Special Situation Report in the Forex Markets on June 9 at 3:56 AM . read it now and see what Happened.

Did you Buy the Stock market at near it’s October 1997 lows ? FuturesCom Advised and Alerted subscribers to Buy with a FLASH !! “Strong Longs from 890 should add… Day Traders should keep an eye on the 859 region… My advice is to be long … if you don’t like that… at least don’t be short…. However FuturesCom will add to longs now at 859″ Happy Trading and light the candles…Bill —FuturesCom Flash 10-27-1997.

Did your broker or current service Alert you to an impending Jump in Pork Prices and the Spread Prices in Feb 1998 ? On Saturday February 28 1998 FuturesCom Issued a Special Pig Report. Click Here to Read it

On March 23 1998 an Update to that report was released click Here to Read it 

Special Forex Situation 4-08-1998 1:42 AM


 FuturesCom Special Spread Situation Live Cattle – Lean Hogs  Wed Sept 17 1997

On Oct 4th FuturesCom issued a Special Report on Stocks click Here to Read it “983.70 offer resistance as does 985.20 ..Above that 987.10 /30 offers resistance , beyond that 992.10 is likely , with Resistance at 993.10 to 993.70 which should cap any rally for a bit. FuturesCom Biweekly Investment Outlook 10-04-1997 10-21-1997 “traders should add to shorts in Dec SP500 at mkt, last 977.. ” FuturesCom Flash 10-21-1997 Flash 3:02 PM “On the Downside, Early and critical support 963.40 to 962.90 and 958.35 with 956.60 below that…More support is 952.60 to 954.20 below that look for a test of 942.90… Resistance should appear firm at 968.0 with 970.60 above that . ” FuturesCom-10-24-1997… Cattle Special Report 9-01-1997    FuturesCom Pork Update  05/27/1997 8:00 AM e.s.t.

Special Report on Pork was issued May 11 1997, the price of Hog Futures and Pork Belly Futures were soaring. FuturesCom recommended subscribers, both commercial and Speculative assume a short posture in Hog and Pork Bellies On the Next Day May 12  July Lean Hogs opened the trading session over 86.00 and made the contract high on THAT DAY July Pork Bellies were priced at nearly 90.00. On May 27 when the Pork Update was released ,July Hogs were near 81.00 a decline of 500 pts. In the Pork update FuturesCom called for subscribers to exit the short Hogs and maintain short Pork Bellies, the price of July Pork Bellies was over 92.00. The price of July Bellies on Friday June 6 1997 was 84.50 decline of over 700 pts.

I suggest you read the Special Report on Gold May 26 1997 which suggested Buying Gold Silver and Platinum, the three Precious Metals. After our Report, July Platinum rose nearly $ 60.00 an ounce and reached my target for next year in about two weeks ! and Silver , We all know what Silver did. Were you prepared well in advance ? When you are done review some of the Market Flashes and updates and the previously released Special Report on Soybeans July 1st 1997 Along with the Soybean Update Released July 8th 1997 Which caught a Bottom of the Bean Market  FuturesCom UPDATE 04/06/97 9:12:48 PM Forex Update 04/07/97 11:31:42 AM All nearby downside targets for the Currencies have been met. Sell the next sharp rally

12/26/96 11:09 AM Lean hogs Spreads

11/11/96 3:07:45 PM Mid Month Investment outlook

The Coffee Special Report October 6 1996 the Price of Coffee  in the Futures Markets at the time was about $1.10. FuturesCom recommended readers purchase Coffee Futures or Options. The initial forecast was for a price increase into December or January. A % 50 increase in price occurred by that time.

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